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POMONA, CA 91768

Free Seats  --  Free Parking


Livestream will be on Facebook @ 7pm

Here is a warm invitation to you and those you love. Experience four exciting nights at the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds in Pomona. We are talking about 5000 free seats in an air-conditioned tent. And the parking is free!


We call it Proof 4 Los Angeles. Hundreds of local churches have united to bring you an amazing gift.


The joyous music and worship are enough reason to come. But there are way bigger reasons why you dare not miss these unforgettable nights.


You will hear the best news you have ever heard. You will see the proof of the greatest power of love and hope there is. Make your plans now to be at Proof for Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles is filled with false promises and shattered dreams. But there is a hope and a power that never fails. I can prove it to you.


Jesus is that hope and power. He proved it by doing the things no one in history has ever done. He still does miracles today.

There are a thousand ways to be miserable and hopeless. There is One Way to break despair, addiction, and fear, that never fails.


Tens of thousands have been to our tent. They leave totally changed. And the changes stick. We have the proof. Come and see the proof. Bring someone you love.

Mario Murillo Signature

Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo and the crowd under the tent

About Mario Murillo

Mario Murillo rose from poverty in the Mission District of San Francisco.  After being revolutionized by Christ, he felt a call to the University of California at Berkeley.


Sharing his faith on this riot-torn campus seemed beyond impossible.  His attempts to communicate were repeatedly rejected.


This led him to pray a prayer that would define the rest of his life.  “If you called me to this campus, you must help me.” The help arrived in stages.  It began with words—a way of saying things that were different than audiences were accustomed to—that seemed to tumble out of his mouth.  A small group of students quickly grew to a regular crowd of hundreds.


Then something else happened: students began to report healings.  They would testify, that in the Name of Jesus, their sickness had vanished.


Mario quickly understood that any report of healing should be verified by doctors.  He also steadfastly maintained that the Gospel must remain his central theme.  Miracles must be regarded as byproducts of preaching the Word of God.  Now thousands began to attend his rallies.


His international ministry was launched after a 4-day conference in San Jose California extended for 6 months with a total attendance of nearly 250,000 people.


Since then Mario’s voice has been heard by millions around the world, bringing a message that zeroes in on the hurts of society.  He presents Christ clearly, intelligently and openly declares the power of Jesus to totally transform a life.  His simple declaration: Come and see.  Christ has the power to end addiction, racism, violence and disease.  

Sep 10 through Sep 13 at 7 pm, Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, Pomona, CA, Call us at 1 800-980-3424

When You Come

Try to bring someone with you. These nights are so powerful you will want to bring someone with you to share the experience.

The fairgrounds are located at 1101 W McKinley Ave, Pomona, CA 91768.  Take the Fairplex exit off of interstate 10 in Pomona. Enter the Fairgrounds at gate 17. That puts you right near the tent and in the free parking area. There are 1,000 parking spaces within an easy walk to the tent.


There are clean restrooms right near the tent including ADA restrooms. The area will be well lit and secured.


Remember, there will be prayer for the sick every night. Come expecting a miracle! And once again bring those you love who need a miracle.


The tent will open at 6PM each night. The crusade will begin at 7PM. All seats are free and it is open seating every night.

We know that September can be warm in Pomona. That is why we have 4 state of the art air conditioning units designed for tent crowds of this size.


We have gone to great lengths to make sure you have both a comfortable and amazing experience.


See you there!

Read on if you're still trying to decide

Read this if you are still trying to decide about coming

The first question you might ask yourself is this: “Will I regret going? Will I end up saying, ‘This was a mistake, why did I go?’” Honestly, that is extremely unlikely because it is never a mistake to be around joyous, loving people.


The better question is, “Will I regret not going?” You already know what will happen if you do not go. Your life continues as is. But there is a very great chance that you will find answers to your deepest questions if you do go.  


What you don’t want is living with the regrets that come with saying, “I wonder what might have happened to me if I had gone?”


This is not some new cult or gimmick.


This is not some new cult or gimmick. No, this is something that has worked better than anything else. And it has been working for over 2,000 years. 


This is not some traveling show. Think about this: local churches are sponsoring these nights. That means reputable pastors who live here. We are probably talking about your neighbor’s church. 


Many are places of worship that have been here for decades, and they will be here long after this is over. Since they have to live with the results of this tent meeting, they would not risk being identified with a sham. They have a message for you.


There is a God who loves us and has demonstrated His power to heal and set people free. But He goes beyond that and offers a way of life—the life that works—the life we were born to live. 

This is about seeing someone in a fresh light.

This is about seeing someone in a fresh light.

I am talking about Jesus Christ. He proved He was the Son of God by doing the things that no one had ever done before—and He still does those things today. We see His miracles in our tent. Tens of thousands have witnessed the power and love of Jesus there.


The stories are astounding. But most importantly, they are real. The list of addictions, sicknesses and emotional disorders that have been removed is endless.  


Counterfeits only prove the existence of the genuine.

Sure, the world is filled with lies, but that does not mean Truth is a myth. And just because there are so many false cures does not mean there isn’t a real one. Counterfeits only prove the existence of the genuine. 

One last thing. Stephen C. Hogan said, “Most people miss great opportunities because of their misperception of time. Don’t wait! The time will never be ‘just right’.” 


Your immediate reaction to the thought of coming to the Los Angeles County Fairgrounds for this crusade might be that you do not have the time. Or, you may think giving up a night is too hard. Opportunities will never be ‘just right’. 


Sure, it will involve some effort for you to come and be part of what God is going to do, but I am praying that you will make the effort and come to the Tent. I promise you, the reward will be priceless — let me prove it to you!

Mario Murillo Signature
Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer to join me in Los Angeles. Let God use you to deliver souls and heal the sick. Work with our team on the grounds and in the tent of the Proof 4 Los Angeles crusade. Use the link now to volunteer. You will never be the same.


Scan or click the QR code below to Volunteer now!

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